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She looks good.

When your insides don't match your outsides


Please read

Please don't point out my errors.

If grammar and typos matter to you maybe don't read any further.

Lots of things matter to me.Checking my grammar and typos here on in my website isn't a priority.

I don't write/share half as much as I want, so when I do write something,I write in flow.

There is one thing I don’t worry about, I’ve never worried about it and prob never will.

My style, my own personal style.

I dress for me, I love clothes and I love putting them together. I can see something and think I’ll put that with that. It comes easy to me.My style is just that my style, some might like it some might not and I’m honestly ok with that. Wear what you want and I will wear what I want, it’s no big deal.

There is a reason why I’m telling you this. Last week I was buying something in Greggs, when I’d paid I was looking for something in my bag on the floor. What I didn’t know is my friend was on the bus and had noticed me.She told me via FB then when we met at an event.Im not saying this to boast,she said she noticed me and thought that woman looks good, stylish etc. She didn’t know it was me until I got up. This happened again, when a friend messaged me and asked if I’d just been at Cannonbury st? If it wasn’t me I had a double. I told her it was me; I’d got the wrong train. She said I thought it was you, you looked amazing…

Here’s the thing, on both occasions I didn’t feel amazing. Truth be told inside I felt sad. I felt confused(lots of other things wont go into it now as that's a post in its self) 

I spoke with someone about this and said the times when I open up and say how my insides feel; on occasion I’ve not been believed. (I was once accused of a lil attention seeking)

Maybe someone who is sad and lost is expected to look a certain way. Wearing a faux fur and fishnets says something else like, there she goes Miss confidence!

I had a great chat with my mate Roz, she said similar words. “Your look and how you carry yourself says you have it together” I had to smile.

I remember going to my docs once and told him some stuff. He sat back and said, “Wow, your insides don’t match your outside”

True.They didnt and still sometimes dont.Then again,there are days when they do.

When I cant be arsed with style.Its putting something on because I need to wear something and hoping I dont see anyone I know!

What I am doing is moving towards more of a balance.

I want my ins and outs to match.

I want the confidence I have

with my personal style to spread to other areas in my life.

One day at a time.

Lastly you never know who’s watching you. Let people know what you see, (obviously good stuff)

It helps, especially when your insides have the shitty committee in town.