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New Kid on the Block

I hope you don't think I'm beige?


Can you remember a time when you were new?

New job

First day of college/uni/course.

First date..

I'm in that phase and I don't like it.

I pride myself with getting on with people, a natural communicator but right now I feel like someone who has the personality of a nat.I keep thinking of the last time I felt like this.A few years ago,I spent about a week with quite a lot of people,we spent a lot of time on a coach.We stopped for lunch,sat round a large table in a pub,the conversation turned to fist impressions.When it came to me,people had decided I was as quiet as a mouse,probably led a very sheltered life and was more than likely a born again Christian!!

All I could do was smile and laugh..I decided not to convince anyone that I wasn't any of the above.


More recently I'm in a similar position,I'm the new kid on the block.

I have been quiet and it got me thinking that I hope people don't think I'm a beige boring woman BUT after talking with someone she pointed out does it matter?

Does it matter if people think your beige or Neon?No it does not.


I started writing this last week and now around a week later I've added to it.

Hand on heart in a week I feel different,I don't have anything to prove.

Give time time.