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She's Fearless.She is.

Hello I'm Miss Kakande,nice to meet you.

I think.

A lot.


Please read

Please don't point out my errors.

If grammar and typos matter to you maybe don't read any further.

Lots of things matter to me.Checking my grammar and typos here on in my website isn't a priority.

I don't write/share half as much as I want, so when I do write something,I write in flow..

I woke up around 8days ago thinking...

I think maybe some people will say I think to much?

I was with at a friends house once,chilling out we were chatting and he said "what are you thinking about?" I answered him honestly,"I'm thinking about me"

He proper took the mickey we laughed and laughed.

I suppose its one of them ones-you had to be there.

Back to me thinking 8ish days ago.I was looking around and thinking is this it?

Is this my place in society?In London?In Hackney?Plodding on more or less managing..I said to myself if this is my lot as grateful as I am,I want more..I WANT MORE!! dam I typed that out loud.

I said it,It feels a bit greedy- me me me but here's the thing its not.

All I want is to be happy doing whatever I'm doing with my life,to be financially free,a nice home,live my potential and to love and be loved..Its not too much to ask.(other stuff aswell but you get the gist)

I think for a long time I haven't wanted much for myself,I was bobbing along with no direction.

There is so much more I could write about bobbing along/existing not participating in life (thanks RA)

At some point I'll share more about this.Not today though! Today we think.

I am great and helping other people see and reach their potential and help them see their gifts etc..

But neglected myself..big time,in most areas of my life.I'm not saying this for a poor you reaction.

Its a fact.

So as you know,Ive started a year of FEARLESS KAKANDE,Im not sure what will come of it?

All I do know is,I want more for myself and I want change.

People all over the world are going for what ever they want and why not me come to think of it why not you?

I want to enjoy this thing called life.

I want to be brave and not give into my small mind thinking.

I want to share and connect.

So If you see my posts and think there she goes again..its ok.It really is.

Finally I'm doing me,well Im doing more of me in areas of my life I have neglected.

And I hope you are doing you.Always.

Love from me to you.

Miss Kakande