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  • Welcome

    I'm so glad you have found me!

    I'm Miss Kakande

    I am a self believer & a millionaire in the making!!, online business mentor, digital course creator and the money wealth manifestation queen.

    My job: To serve.

    To help you earn cash money by living out your purpose.

    No rules.

    It's YOUR life.

    You can have all the things you've ever wanted.


    you lead

    I lead


    Let's do this.

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    Who is Miss Kakande

    Miss Kakande is an Empath she feels stuff,always has always will.


    In the world of personal development, she is widely known as the, "The Woman Who knows"

    With her highly engaging social media presence, & her signature 'The Manifesting Money Wealth Academy , for those who want more and are ready to make it happen. and through her daily free inspirational content, morning meditations, ... she empowers people to "design lives and businesses they are in love with & walks side by side with all those she works with.



    Her mission is to help people to live a life they truly love.

    Not settling and to get the power of money into the hands of goodhearted people who are here to leave a mark on the world, leaving a legacy.

    Combining her background in Advice/teaching/facilitation & her life lessons she offers practical advice and a deep knowledge and understanding of spiritual and energetic principles, guaranteed you'll never meet anyone quite like Miss Kakande.

    As her close friend often tells her 'They broke the mould when they made you!'



    With her well know question..

    'How's your head?Hows your heart?

    She doesn't really do surface stuff.


    A true self-made woman, Miss Kakande is a down to Earth Woman who started life up North ( cut her & she bleeds Northern!) now living in London with plans to spend time across 3 locations.. Up North,London & the Caribbean.

    From an early age Miss Kakande knew the only way to feel success was through her own ideas own work.

    In a nutshell Miss Kakande cares.A lot.

    Her family often tell her 'you have to grow a thicker skin..'


    She credits her success and her sheer determination, a deep desire to serve others, and an unwavering belief in her own dreams.


    Miss Kakande truly believes the best is yet to come..

    Backing ourselves is the only option.


    Please get in touch if you want more and not sure where to start.



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    The Manifesting Money Wealth Academy

    You are meant to have it all.

    The beautiful relationship.

    The incredible business.

    A life lived the way you wish , purpose, and an inner knowing .





    Are you ready to start asking for what you want?

    Then the Manifesting Money Wealth Academy (MMWA) will be right up your alley.


    • 30days
    • Weekly gathering
    • Part of a supportive online group

    Welcome to the Manifesting Money Wealth Academy

    More More More Experience

    I will always be a work in progress and seek to be the best version of me, it is my honour to lead others to do the same.

    You Lead

    I Lead

    We Lead


    Lets do this.

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    Is this you?

    Deep down you know what needs to be done..

    You do what you say you are going to do,your word is your bond..

    You show up to make your dreams a reality.

    You believe and you are developing integrity, discipline, and follow-through.


    Learn to set a plan in motion and take action.


    Become a leader who can be trusted,

    whom others can rely on, and who is in alignment with the goals she sets for her life.

    Together we can do this..





    I decided.Simple

    In the words of good ol Whitney. I decided long a go never to walk in anyone's shadow.....

    I made a decision that I would get paid doing what I love.

    I decided that love will find me.

    I decided that I would have a home I love.

    On the list goes.


    I made a choice.

    I didn't ask anyone what do you think?

    I have so much to share and a lot I have learnt.

    Its a Joy to get hyped, get in the zone feel the energy and pass that onto people I work with.


    I'm not telling you what to do, I never will but if I was I'd tell you do one thing.



    As my good ol Ma used to say..'WE ONLY COME ROUND ONCE..

    Don't spend your precious time saying if only or I wished..

    Lets change that to what if!!

    What if I changed jobs..

    What if I asked for a raise

    What if I went on the date..


    Its all there for the taking, it really is.


  • Back in the day I put things off until I didn't.

    I took radical responsibility for my life.
    Mini Guides/Ebooks ( Available Soon)

    Mini Guides/Ebooks ( Available Soon)

    Life lessons
    Coming soon
    Breakthrough Session

    Breakthrough Session

    60 Mins
    A space for healing,clarity & activation.
    Who knows what will come up.
    This space is for you.
    All you need to bring is your open Heart.
    Coming soon
    The Manifesting Money Wealth Academy

    The Manifesting Money Wealth Academy

    A 30 day, life changing course to think about our personal inner programs and get us started on the road to Financial freedom.
    Coming soon

    Ma Socials..

  • I have a daily start to the day checklist,

    I'll send it over and or Ask the team any questions!



    Reach out.