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  • What Actually Happens?

    Below is a link grab a cuppa and listen into one of the recordings of the Voices of London

    Remember no two evenings will be the same.


    The Voices of...

    In a Nutshell:

    Can take place almost anywhere, Lounges, Restuarants, beautiful venues.Please feel free to contact me, if you would like The Voices Of at your place.

    Come on in.

    Take your coat off.

    Grab a drink.

    Get comfy.

    Take a seat.Listen.Relate.Reflect.


    Miss Kakande & The Voices Of...

    No two events are ever the same.








  • The Voices Of

    Photos & Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Gold & Margeret

    Margaret deep in thought

    Darling Sophia

    She is a Rock Star.

  • So who am I?

    Who is Miss Kakande?

    What's she about?

    I'm a sensitive soul, who cant leave the house without a mag or something to read.(you can often find her standing hand on hip, like she's doing over there up on the left)

    Jaki/Kakande of all trades, which include hosting, coaching and broadcasting.

    What am I most proud of is ??? Come to one of the evenings and maybe Il tell my story.

    I enjoy getting the best out of people and I try to follow my intuition whenever she can.

    If my intuition says buy those shoes, they might be gone next week, I will buy them, however I've been good lately.I now tend to try them on and take a pic, check out my insta!


    Hailing from the North, I'm from a little place called Horwich near Bolton (a northerner through and through) but I love to call London my home.Always representing Hackney,always have and always will.


    If you are interested or nosey you can find more about me over on my Insta or the blog.

    I love Insta,actually if anyone fancies paying me to sit on Insta for research purposes (obviously) Lemme know.


    Above that lovely lady who looks like she is saying SHUSH (she's not) Gold is the face of the first ever filming of Miss Kakande and the Voices of aka

    Miss Kakande and the Views Promo.

    Originally I started a talk show which has now evolved into The Voices Of..

    Things start of as one thing and end up how they end up.I am proud of my talk show, it helped me work out what I wanted to do.

    Below are a few words of my wisdom.

    Feel free to take it or leave it.

    I feel the need to say a few things as I am( no scrap that!) I was a very fearful person.

    Putting things off all the time.I try not to do that now as I got so fed up with having dreams and ideas in my head.Only in my head.


    Now comes the advice bit..

    Don't wait until you are ready because most of the time you never will be.

    I Miss K (you've reached this far, we are now at that point in our relationship when shortening names is ok) kept putting the talk show off.aka the procrastinator queen.

    I had a venue.

    I had the Questions.

    I had the Views.

    In the end I blew caution to the wind (actually I nearly shit myself but did it) and decided I would start and learn on the go.

    Please don't wait for permission to start.You don't need it.


    Below are some of the people who believed in me.They believed in me more than I believed in myself.

    As I said above I'm a sensitive soul and I think one of the lovely lot had said something really touching to me, that's my composed face.

    The picture really makes me smile.

    Miss Kakande & some of the Views

    Which is now The Voices Of..

    You always gotta start somewhere.

    The energy that night was wonderful.

    My Peeps.

  • Blog

    The Voices Of...
    Stuff I have to say or feel like writing.

  • Insta.Insta.

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  • Cheerleaders & Nice Words

    In no particular order

    Fiona Whitty



    Fiona will either be running around on a project or

    Promoting her Mothers delicious bread and recipes or

    In Nigeria setting up Art stuff or

    In Jamaica filming stuff.

    Check out her site

    She is Miss K's Irish side kick and Miss K loves her energy so much she trying to work out a way to bottle it

    Nadine Tapping



    Nadine is similar to Fiona above in that she is a busy gal.

    Read more about her here & here

    Miss K calls on Nadine when she needs a reality check.She will listen to Miss K and not and smile in all the right places give Miss K a hug and then say "right so what's next?what's the plan?" If everyone had a Nadine Tapping in their corner life would be much easier.Miss K would clone her if she could and hand her out to people who need a voice of 'lets get stuff done"

    Nadine also runs monthly meet ups (Londons best kept secret)




    “I have had the pleasure of working with Miss Kakande over the space of a few years through my projects with the Learning Trust based in Hackney.

    In the time of knowing her, you cannot help but notice her Bubbly personality, good nature, great sense of humour and welcoming smile.

    This in no way undermines her professionalism and hard working manner. She is one of those people you become to rely on if you are working alongside as she puts her mind to her work and is thorough, organised and brilliant at producing output.

    Her work is taken seriously which has driven me to want to produce the same quality. If you want someone who is up for a challenge and produces the goods this is your lady.

    On a personal level, Miss Kakande has become a good friend and she has talent and vision to do much more. I feel that her story is only half way written so there is much more to come from her in the future.”

    Taking Shape

    Kevin Stuart


    Thanks, Kev!

    I didn't pay him.Honest.



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  • Coaching Offer

    I have spent a good few years Coaching individuals and groups.

    Working in the Criminal Justice Industry and Education.Personal development/growth whatever you wish to call it has always been of interest to me.

    I now am available to offer some slots coaching individuals helping you to banish fear and achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

    Please follow the link below for more information.

    I look forward to working with you.


  • If you feel like to telling your story or

    wanna say hiya.

    Please do.

    I love getting emails about The Voices Of...



    Don't be afraid to reach out.

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